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Looking for info Shopmate 5200T3, Help,  what chuck fits the 20,000 rpm mandrel, and or purchase. Farnborough, Hampshire, England. chrisvince@btopenworld.com (Chris) {G21703002}

Trunion for Craftsman King-Seeley 8 inch Bench Saw, Model 103.23831. Need Front Trunion Part #37422. Gainesville, FL, US.dshome0@44gmail.com (Don) {G21703001) See Anti-Spam Code  

Vintage Delta planer model 22-101 . Miami , FL, US. fat41851@hotmail.com (Frank) {E21903001}

Broad Garrett  J170 Parts.  Need tool rests, faceplates, belt door cover, anything useful to restore my lathe. Peckville, PA, US.  lbz53@verizon.net (Gene) {E21903002}

A good used Floor Belt Edge Sander, like a Ritter Delta Powermatic etc, In San Francisco bay area, thank you. radnbad51-hotrod@yahoo.com (Randy) {N60403005}     .
Walker Turner Belt Disc Sander.
Harrisburg -Marysville area PA.US. letsstepup@aol.com (Robert) {N60403006}
A Belt for an AMT 4800 Jointer. Etowah, NC, US. geepop@bellsouth.net (Frank) {N60403004}

Manual for a Newman BA100 Horizontal Drilling Machine. Thanks. Napanee, Ont, Canada. rick31797@yahoo.com (Rick) {N60403003}

Motor for a Craftsman 10'' Table Saw, model #113.299210 any help or info would be appreciated. Arvada, CO, US. dlhinteriors@qwest.net (Duane) {N60403002}
Parts for Powermatic E-16 16" Planer.
Culloden, GA, US. kercetruss@Attglobal.net 
(Johnny) {N60403001}
10 1/2" Planer knives for an old Yager Planer, probably from the 1950-60's. Muskegon, MI, US. bearcreekfarm83@juno.com (Kevin) {G52603005}

Looking for an operators manual for a MOAK 36" Bandsaw, 5hp 3ph. Or any Manual for a MOAK bandsaw would help. Fairhope, AL, US. wxpotts@mindspring.com (Bill) {G52603004}

I am looking for a Legacy Ornamental Mill in good condition. Wrightstown, WI, US. fritsch2411@aol.com (Andrew) {G52603003}

We would like to purchase a Veneer Slicer a Single Head Sander and a Capital Vertical Veneer Slicer.  Please quote preferably in euros or USD.  Kanwood Nigeria Ltd. Kano Nigeria. kinggabson@yahoo.com (Sesean) {G52603002}

10"Saw, either a  Unisaw 3 hp 1 phase or Powermatic 66. In the Nashville, TN, US. area.   FOUND {G52603001}

Looking for a Small Used lumber Vacuum Press. Must be under guaranteed fully functional condition. Guatemala City, Guatemala. alvarorodriguez@rocketmail.com (Alvaro) {F51203018}

A 48" Throat Bandsaw to cut wood and soft materials.  Brand doesn't matter.  Bryan, OH, US. jmurry@trufast.com (Jake) {F51203017}
Parts & Accessories for Craftsman (King-Seeley) Drill Press Model 103 23130 (1950's) Need Head & Table Lift, Pulley for Multi Speed Attachment or entire assembly. Stewartstown, PA, US. jdani23930@aol.com (James) {F51203016}

Looking for an arbor nut for a Craftsman Radial Arm Saw. Left hand square thread for a 0.625 arbor 12 TPI. Hanna, OK, US. fandedear@44yahoo.com (Frank) {F51203015} See Anti-Spam Code  
Looking for a Moulder 4 to 5 head 9"W x 6"H. to be shipped to Colombia, Cali, Colombia. joe@woodhavencaskets.com (Joe) {F51203014}
Fence locking system for Delta/Rockwell 37-207 Jointer. Also clamp bolt,,clamp sleave, cap nut etc. Hamilton, ON, Canada. alex.colic@rbc.com (Alex) {F51203013} 

Parts for a Rockwell/Delta model 31-710 6" belt/12" disc sander.  Need guards and dust port, power switch and motor cover plate.  Otter Creek, FL, US. rjb1@44inetw.net (Robert)  {F51203012} 
See Anti-Spam Code  

Trunnion and table mounts for a Powermatic 20" model 80 Bandsaw. Seattle, WA, US. mike@44kunnenconstruction.com (Mike) {F51203011}   See Anti-Spam Code  
Need tailstock for a Powermatic model 90 Lathe. Escondido, CA, US. mattvalek@msn.com (Matt) {F51203010}

Faceplate and/or chucks to fit a 1" by 8 tpi left-hand threaded (outboard) spindle for a Craftsman/Atlas lathe. Florence, MA, US. JRollinson@aol.com (John) {F51203009}

Manual & parts list for Montgomery Ward's Power Kraft 10" Radial Arm Saw Model No. TPC2610C. Durango, CO, US.  dunn@frontier.net (Wayne) {F51203008}

Looking for the front spindle pulley for a Delta DP220 drill press. Escondido, CA, US. escbill@cox.net (Bill) {F51203008}

(2) Trunnions for Buffalo 14" Bandsaw Model # BP-VBS-14SS Serial# 114930. Kingswood, TX, US. 
cyr193@cebridge.net (Cyril) {F51203007}

Toothpick manufacturing machinery.  
All types of wood, and all shapes of picks. Many customers in all parts of the world. 
Ad by A&A Woodworking Machinery Classifieds.
F51203006@woodmachines.com {F51203006}

Copy of owner's manual for Craftsman Bandsaw Model# 103.24300. Williamsburg, VA, US. dmaxweb@msn.com (Don) {F51203005} *

 4/6 head wood Moulder for delivery PNG.  
Papua New Guinea. apower@ild.org.pe ((Tony) {F51203004}

Owners manual for 12 inch Craftsman Bandsaw model 113.24350. Morgantown, WV, US. prmurph1963@yahoo.com (Pat) (F51203003)

Parts for Rockwell Delta 12" contractor table saw. also parts for Rockwell Delta 24' scroll saw. Ville Platte, LA, US.  andycarson@44century.net (Andy) {F51203002} See Anti-Spam Code  

Cutler Hammer #132 switches for a 
50's Unisaw and HD Shaper. Escondido, CA, US. bretgreen@cox.net (Bret) {F51203001}

2 tires for a Craftsman bandsaw/sander 
model # 113.243410 PN 41815.  mamadowneyt@44netzero.net (John) {E51103002}
See Anti-Spam Code  
Ayen SKB-50 Construction/Line boring Machine, or other similar machine.  Slatington, PA, US. miburesh@ptd.net (Mark) {E51103001}

I'm looking a grinding wheel for a 18" Powermatic Planer Sharpener. Hilton. NY, US. plugert@44rochester.rr.com (Jim) {D52803009} 
See Anti-Spam Code  

Tailstock assembly for Delta 46-450 Wood Lathe. Cotter, AR, US. cwflowersjr1@44hotmail.com (Chuck) {D52803008}  See Anti-Spam Code  

12" or larger single phase Jointer
Riverton, WY, US. landofzor@msn.com (J.P.) {D52803007}

Powermatic 90 Tailstock and tool rest w/holder. Camarillo, CA, US. kimbolopez@44adelphia.net (Kim) {D52803006} See Anti-Spam Code  
Would like to purchase a Delta 14" Bandsaw circa 1960 to 1970. Cliffside Park, NJ, US. thomaspy@aol.com (Thom) {D52803005}

I need parts for a Craftsman 10" Bench Saw Model number 113.27520. Need a tilt lift nut bracket PN 6320. j.dorwart@mac.com (Jim) {D52803004}

Motor for a Craftsman Tablesaw 120/240V. part#62124, for a Model 113.29950 12" Tablesaw. Muskego, WI, US. prunuske@uwm.edu (Dave) {D52803003}

Information about a Shopmate Model 5200T3
Need setup information. London, UK. stuart.ilsley@hotmail.com (Stuart) {D52803002}

Looking for steady rest for a gap bed wood lathe. Springfield, MA, US. ajtools1@netzero.net (A.J.) {C51703008}

Original fence system for a Walker Turner cabinet shaper model #S975, 50'S vintage, and the motor pulley guard. Thanks. Springfield, MA, US. ajtools1@netzero.net (A.J.) {C51703007}
Looking for good used Louver Groover. 120/60. The norm. Spares easy to get. Size depending on price. London, U.K. terryoshea35@yahoo.com (Terry) {C51703006}

  Need handle assembly for Delta 36-220 miter saw ser.#9146. East Bernard, TX, US.
(Roger) {C51703005}

Need trigger switch for Powr-Kraft TPC2610 Radial Arm Saw. Orr, MN, US. jskat@fnbcnet.com (Jim) {C51703004}

Need parts for a Delta model 31-730 6" belt/12" disc sander. Belt table with trunnion mount/guide, side & top guard.  {C51703003}

Motor Cover for a Delta 12-14 Table Saw; the rounded bulbous cover, not the boxy square one. PA Furnace, PA, US. dhwelsch@pennswoods.net (David) {C51703002} 

Drive belt for a Miller Falls Belt Sander Cat. #830 Model C, or part# for same. Hopkins, S.C, US. jamesahewett@aol.com (James) {C51703001}
Operating manual or copy for a Rockwell/Delta  10" Radial Arm Saw. Model 33-790. Washougal, WA, US. michael@44markupandprofit.com (Michael) {A51003006} See Anti-Spam Code  
Yoke Stud for Delta 33-890 Radial Arm Saw.part # 424021110017 or dimensions for one. Harvard MA, US. lee77@44charter.net (Mike) {A51003005}
See Anti-Spam Code  
Looking for fence stop plunger assembly, and knobs for Powermatic model 60 Jointer.
jimdiannekrause@cox.net (Jim) {A51003004}
Makita,  Hitachi or Inca planer/jointer combination. Older cast models not bench tops. Prefer from Ny,N.England area. US. perry75@maine.rr.com (Christopher) {A51003003}

Rip Fence, Pin motor and owners manual for a Sears Craftsman 7 1/2" table saw model # 113 241601.  rogermiller@44peoplepc.com (Roger) {A51003002} See Anti-Spam Code  

Need cover for a Sears Craftsman 12-inch band saw, model 113.24350. PN 69069. Alachua, FL, US. wrechst@hotmail.com (Willy) {A51003001}

Looking for a sharpening system sold by Woodcraft vin. mid-80's. 12" wheel  right runs a 2.5" abrasive belt, left runs a buffing wheel. Charlotte, NC, US. jk@dreamwood.com (John) {M41103012}
Parts for a Wards Power Craft Band Saw
Model FD23158. Need Dunedin, FL, US. 
Upper Pulley Alignment Mechanism. mshatton@44tampabay.rr.com (Steve) (M41103011}  See Anti-Spam Code  

Looking for Large Shaper, any shape.  Indianapolis area or will travel.  Thanks. Indianapolis, IN, US. oldpops@iquest.net (M41103010}

Need owners manual (or copy) for Ward's Powr-Kraft radial arm saw (model TPC2610B).  San Mateo, CA, US. sbloomquist@rcn.com (Scott) {M41103009} 

Raised Panel Door Machine.  I am looking for a Unique,  Lobo, or Activa door machine.  Springfield, MO, US. Smith8888@msn.com (Randall) {M41103008}

CNC Woodworking machine and Pin Router. Qormi, Malta. pqtarget@44maltanet.net (Paul) {M41103007} See Anti-Spam Code  

Needing a JDS Multi-Router in a very good condition.  Anderson, IN, US. george@georgeabiad.com (George) {M41103006}
100 watt Laser for cutting thin wood. Lockport, NY, US.   janik14094@aol.com or phone\ fax after 10 am (est) 716-433-4224 (Fred) {M41103005}
Looking for Bosch 4050 inline jigsaw. Also information for the C.O.Porter Co. model 200 Shaper,(manuals, photos, catalogs) , and, or L.Power 12" Jointer. Coventry, CT, US. scmarshall@snet.net (Steve) {M41103004}

Need complete cutterhead for Power-Mate 12 planer, mfg. by Tenn Acme Machine Company - McMinnville, TN.   Marysville, OH, US. teddyb839@44earthlink.net (Ted) 
See Anti-Spam Code  {M41103003}

Parts list and manufactured date on a Craftsman/Walker Turner 6" Jointer Serial # 102.05600.  Englewood, FL, US. Woodart631@aol.com  (Carroll) {M41103002}

Parts list and manufactured date on a Duro 15" Band Saw Ser. #A22126NJ. Englewood, FL, US. Woodart631@aol.com  (Carroll) {M41103001}

Owners manual for a Rockwell 46-111 Lathe. Wichita, KS, US. 
cowboybob@44woodturns.com (Bob) {M50703018} 
See Anti-Spam Code  

Tailstock for a Craftsman (king-seeley) wood Lathe model no.103-23070 or comparable part. Ocean Springs, MS, US. knabe@44bellsouth.net (Bradley) {M40703017} See Anti-Spam Code  

Manual for DeWalt Powershop 7740 Radial Arm Saw. Prefer pdf. Durban, South Africa. higgins_mark@hotmail.com (Mark) {M40703016}

I am looking for a chuck for a Duracraft model 45160 Drill Press. Yorkville, IL, US. jbregar71@prodigy.net (Jeff) {M40703015}
Rockwell Overarm Router or router/shaper. Portland, OR, US. 
jhsullivan@44hotmail.com (John) {M40703014}
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Bamboo Toothpick moulding machine, 240v, simple model, quote price, 1 Phase. Kumasi, Ghana. otenge@yahoo.com (Eric) {M40703013}

Toothpick making machine and all other accessories. Accra, Gahna. olyolk@yahoo.com (Derick) {M40703012}
6" to 8" Jointer, 120v, 1 phase. Will consider all brands.  Eastern Iowa and bordering states. Marion, IA, US.  m.blin@mchsi.com (Mike) {M40703011}

24" knife grinding attachment for powermatic 225 Planer. rhdzine@yahoo.com (Rob) {M40703010}

Quil for Shopsmith  model10er.  Duncan, BC, Canada. dennisnsharon@44shaw.ca (Dennis) {M40703009} See Anti-Spam Code  

Need 1.dimentional panel saw 2.wide belt sander 3.radio frequency presser  4. daylight pressers 5.multy borer 6.frame cramp 7.plainer moulder 8. tenor machine. Lagos, Nigeria. ajinqua@44yahoo.com (Bimbo) {M40703008}
See Anti-Spam Code

Armiture (& Bearings) for Shopmate 10" Radial Arm Saw Model 5200T3, 240 Volt Single Phase. Vanderbijlaprk, South Africa. quentin.jordaan@44absamail.co.za (Quentin) {M40703007}  See Anti-Spam Code  

Fence for mid 80s Powermatic 72 with 38" deep table with the older style Beisemeyer triangular rails. Need the fence only no rails,or will consider other options. Ramsay, MI, US. millwrks@44charter.net (Brent) {M40703006} See Anti-Spam Code

Looking for a good used Sears router crafter with manual. Henderson, KY, US.  oe1@44oe1.com (Bill) {M40703005}  See Anti-Spam Code  

Need an upper wheel adjustment bracket for an AMT 14" Band Saw Model 4113, Part# 4111.006. Monrovia, MD, US. wayne.juliano@baesystems.com (Wayne) {M40703004}

Parts for a Duracraft 14" Woodworking Band Saw model 22114. Granite City, IL, US. cooter@charter.net (Gary) {M40703003}

Complete set of   used /new machines for manufacturing solid wood finger  joined laminated wood panels. Delhi, India. vp@kaushals.com (VP) {M40703002}

Trunion for a Walker-Turner 16" bandsaw. 1950's vintage possibly made of aluminum. Norwich, CT, US. hgriffin5@44hotmail.com (Hugh) {M40703001} 
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